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The World of Coffee This 2016


This year had it usual ups and downs, but at least coffee is still there to cheer us on. If 2016 is good, so-so, or bad for you, imagine if coffee wasn’t there? To put some closure to this year, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Coffee Happenings for 2016.

1. Coffee Became More Expensive This Year

By the near end of this year, Arabica and Robusta coffee reached their highest price since the previous year. Demand for coffee exceeded supply, and this was also affected by firming currencies.

Coffee production was affected by El Nino in coffee farms throughout Southeast Asia and Brazil. Damaged crops and drained supplies made producers unable to keep up with the world’s growing demand. Prices are up by 26 percent from 2015.

2. Millenials Created a Shift In the Coffee Industry

Market researchers have found that millennials are continually changing the way coffee is viewed, purchased, and consumed. These young consumers have shifted buying patterns over the past eight years, and they are the primary demographic where researchers can see market trends.

3. Coffee Makers Are Getting Better and Better

More people are discovering the perks of making coffee at home. Whether you love making coffee through a Drip Machine, French press, Aeropress, or a Pour Over Coffee Maker, your preferred brewing method should satisfy the yearnings of your soul.

And we just have the right resources for you on this:

How to Make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

How to Choose the Right Coffee Maker for Your Needs


4. Selection of Coffee Beans is Getting Pretty Intense

Coffee enthusiasts have found the benefits of getting a coffee subscription due to the excellent quality of highly-curated coffee beans. Award-winning roasters have mastered the art and science of making coffee at its finest, and people are taking notice.

Coffee Subscriptions That Deliver Coffee Beans With Love

How to Choose Great Quality Coffee


5. Coffee Consumption is Booming As Always

Take for example Nitro Coffee, which is infused with nitrogen gas so that it can be released through the small holes of a pressurized valve. This cold brew passes a disc and creates some creamy goodness. The resulting coffee is clean and smooth. It gets silkier the more you drink it. Nitro Coffee is beautiful and tastes incredible, and it is just one of those coffee creations which made the year awesome.

And everyone is going crazy over what they could do with a coffee bar at home.


Read more about it on Kitchables.


6. Coffee-Related Online Content Is Getting More Diverse

Online resources about coffee such as articles, courses, videos, and social media content are supplying the growing information needs of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. We love these Coffee Youtube Channels which provide fresh content on a regular basis. We also found these excellent resources on coffee which help you become a more informed coffee aficionado.

Top 10 Youtube Videos That Will Make You Love Coffee Even More

Youtube Coffee Lifestyle Series: Let’s Get Coffee with James O’Rear

Coffeerama’s Coffee 101 Series


7. Travel For the Sake of Coffee Discovery

Coffee is no longer just a drink you need to get by, but it’s also a means for you to discover the passion and culture of the people behind it. Check out these resources on how you can follow the coffee trails:

Getting Your Coffee Fix Around the Luxurious Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Take a Coffee Connoisseur Trip to Southeast Asia: A Whole New Appreciation for Coffee

Traveling to Southern Philippines? Here’s Where You Can Get Coffee With All the Perks

Part 1: Directory of Best Coffee Shops in Seoul (From A to D)

The Heavenly Coffee Crafted By Benedictine Monks

The Best Cities in the World to Go Coffee Shop Hopping


8. Organic Coffee Is Getting More Attention

There’s a louder call to make more sound decisions for the environment and gain more support for our coffee farmers. Organic coffee and the variety of sustainability programs surrounding it are getting a stronger traction in influencing the market.

Coffee With A Heart: Tidbits About Good Organic Coffee


9. We Love Our Coffee In Different Forms

From drinks and desserts using coffee as a primary ingredient, there’s no end to our creativity on how to enjoy this sublime bean. Here’s a list of where you can find out more about it.

Coffee Cake Recipes That Will Melt Your Heart

Coffee Cocktail Recipes You Can Make For Any Occasion

Delicious Coffee Dessert Recipes For a Sweet Caffeine Fix

Coffee Beverage Recipes You’ll Surely Love


10. People Are Learning To Become Home Baristas

Nothing ever beats the experience of brewing your own coffee just the way you like it, plus getting an unlimited supply of it at home. Look no further because we’ve got the right goods for you on your self-mastery when it comes to brewing coffee.

We have a list to lead you on the right direction:

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Important Tips In Grinding Coffee Beans To Achieve the Perfect Cup

How To Make an Espresso: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Steam Milk Properly For A Great Latte Cappuccino

12 Beginners Hacks For Creating Your Own Latte Art

10 Latte Art Videos That Will Inspire You To Create Your Own

21 Awesome Coffee Hacks That You Will Absolutely Love


So what’s you best memory of coffee this year? Write your best coffee experiences on the comments down below!

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