Why Coffee is Such a Blessing (And 30 Reasons Why We Love It)

There are times wherein I would wonder what I would do without coffee.

Drinking coffee may have its pros and cons, but coffee lovers all over would forego thinking about the cons just for the pros. And why do we love coffee so much? Is it the instant wake-me-up or happy feeling we get when we sip it? Is it because coffee has become our constant companion through thick and thin?

Many people cannot start their day without coffee. Coffee makes people get that needed boost as they trudged along the day. Coffee is the fuel for work for the modern day man and woman. Coffee has become a habit, or perhaps an addiction, that makes the world go round.

There was even a research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health which studied how coffee makes people happy. They wanted to correlate how drinking coffee lowers suicide rate. They discovered that coffee has a mild anti-depressant effect while being a stimulant as well. It increases the production of neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. Coffee can also boost memory and lower the risk of early dementia.

Whether you are a skilled professional or creative individual, coffee has to be there wherever you go and whatever you’re doing. And why did coffee bring about such culture all over the world? There’s no doubt about the revolution brought about by these roasted beans brewed into a liquid perfection.

Here are 30 reasons why we love Coffee:

(1)    Coffee starts the day just right.

(2)    Coffee keeps us going.

(3)    Coffee is always there to motivate you to do what needs to be done.

(4)    You don’t need drugs as long as you have coffee.

(5)    Coffee gives you an “Aha!” moment when you need creative inspiration.

(6)    Coffee will give you great ideas that can change the world.

(7)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to Melbourne.

(8)    Oh, that euphoric aroma of coffee when you pass by or enter a coffee shop.

(9)    Having coffee while working in a coffee shop is like having gourmet-style coffee in a stylish office.

(10)    World-changing ideas and legacies were created while having the simplest coffee in coffeehouses around the world.

(11)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to San Francisco.

(12)    Coffee is a great excuse to travel the world and go coffee shop hopping in different cities.

(13)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to Rome.

(14)    God created coffee to make the world a better place.

(15)    There’s no doubt that coffee is the best beverage in the world. If you say that beer is the best, you can’t drink it all the time as much as coffee.

(16)    Coffee doesn’t let you down.

(17)    If you bring caffeine-fueled creative individuals together, there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

(18)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to New York.

(19)    There are many different types of coffee to choose from, which will suit your mood at any given time.

(20)    You just love how your favorite type of coffee gives a sign of what your true personality is.

(21)    You just can’t go wrong with coffee.

(22)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to Vancouver.

(23)    Having a “coffee break” is an excuse to chill at the office.

(24)    Coffee, indeed, makes the world go round.

(25)    Hey, if you’re drinking organic coffee, you are also supporting the livelihood of our farmers.

(26)    Coffee brings you to transcendence.

(27)    Coffee is a good excuse to go to Seoul.

(28)    Coffee will take away boredom.

(29)    Coffee makes you a better person.

(30)    We love coffee as it is.

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