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Traveling to Southern Philippines? Here’s Where You Can Get Coffee With All the Perks

If you’re traveling to Southern Philippines for the famous destinations such as the island paradise of Camiguin or whitewater rafting at Cagayan de Oro City, you might want to have a quick stopover to Lohas Airport Hotel. It’s the nearest hotel from Laguindingan Airport which has all the amenities. If you arrive by nighttime, you can check into this hotel before you start your adventures the next day.

brewed coffee with cream and sugar

Working while drinking Brewed Coffee ($1.49) at Coco Mango Cafe and Restobar

Within the hotel premises is Coco Mango Café and Restobar, which serves great meals and coffee at affordable prices. You should taste their brewed coffee (USD 1.49) first without cream or sugar (but I like it better with cream and sugar). The Korean Iced Coffee (USD 1.92) is sweet and sublime. They also offer Jasmine Tea (USD 1.49) and Ginseng Tea (USD 1.06) for those who want a coffee-free stop at the café.

pasta carbonara

Pasta Carbonara at Coco Mango Cafe and Restobar

The hotel doesn’t offer free breakfast, so I hopped to the restobar to get a quick morning meal. I ordered their Pasta Carbonara (USD 3.83) which is creamy and filling. I was already full before I finished eating the carbonara. I love how it has a lot of bacon bits, and the creamy sauce makes me giggle.

The café also has a fast Wi-Fi connection. I was the only one in the café at that time, so I was able to do my online work efficiently without distractions.

Here’s why this café along the highway has a lot of perks:

Perk #1: One-Stop Accommodation


The comfy bed which I loved rolling over at Lohas Airport Hotel

The Lohas Airport Hotel is the nearest accommodation you can get from Laguindingan Airport. They have affordable rates and excellent rooms. I didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay longer at the hotel. When I asked for extra drinking water, they brought bottles of it to my room. I also asked if they could print out my e-ticket, and they printed it for me without charge. The rooms come with complimentary bottled water and coffee. They also have cable TV and airconditioning. I was also able to smoke on their small balcony outside the room.


Perk #2: The Massage You Want

chelsea spa

Just next door to the café is Chelsea Spa. They have different types of massage packages which will soothe your tired muscles after long travel. They have a Combo Massage ( 1 hour 30 mins for USD 9.71), Swedish Massage (1 hour for USD 5.33), Shiatsu Massage (1 hour for USD 6.93), Full Back Massage (1 hour for USD 4.27), Foot and Head Reflex (1 hour for USD 5.33), and Foot Reflex (45 mins for USD 3.73).

Perk #3: The Mini Mart

lohas aiport hotel

Lohas Airport Hotel which is just a few minutes away from Laguindingan Airport

Want a taste of Korean goodies here in the south of Philippines? This mini-mart is owned by Koreans who have found their home in this tropical side of the planet. They have the usual stuff which a Korean convenience store has. Grab a ramen and boil some water in your hotel room (you can use the electric water heater for free in your room).


This multi-purpose facility near the airport is a comfy oasis you can quickly hop into before going to different tourist destinations (which are still miles away). They have attentive staff and offer services which ensure that you have a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Lohas Airport Hotel

Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Contact No.: +63-88-324-0367, +63-937-372-0131


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