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Top 10 Youtube Videos That Will Make You Love Coffee Even More


This week we’ve rounded up the best coffee videos that are considered “Youtube Gold.” From coffee recipes and tutorials, to funny and informative vlogs, we’ve got the right list of coffee videos for you to binge-watch.

DIY Cold-Brew Coffee – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

Cold brew is taking the world by storm, and Thomas Joseph shows you how to DIY a cold brew in a few easy steps. This five-minute video is all you need to create a cold brew you’ll get addicted to over and over again.


5 Fave Iced Coffee Hacks by The Domestic Geek

This video shows you simple iced coffee hacks that you will love to do at home. These tips from The Domestic Geek herself are so easy that you’ll be surprised at how delicious your coffee could get. One of the tips which produce a Vanilla Iced Coffee requires pour-over coffee, and we have just the right coffee maker for you.


5 Days of No Coffee

Can you imagine life without coffee? Coffee aficionado @LucieBFink did a five-day experiment without the coffee that she loves. She also shares tidbits on how coffee affects our body, with or without it. It’s funny how Lucie shows her experiences on “coffee withdrawal” or “coffee depression.”


How To Make Cuban Coffee

@KathleenLights and her mom will get you right into a step-by-step process on how to make delicious Cuban coffee using a traditional coffee maker (percolator) and a modern coffee maker (drip machine). It simply is a detailed tutorial on how to make excellent classic coffee. The Cubans know their coffee very well, and how to brew it with flair. You’ll discover how delectably good Cuban coffee is if you try this at home.


Coffee Around the World

BuzzFeedBlue shows you the different kinds of coffee around the world and how you can make these coffee recipes yourself. Go international with your coffee explorations!


Six Unique Ways to Drink Coffee

Another BuzzFeed video which teaches you how to go beyond your instant or brewed coffee. You’ll love how awesome coffee could get with these simple and practical recipes.


2 Chainz Drinks $600 Coffee (Made from Cat Poop)

Celebrity rapper 2 Chainz discovers a delicious cup of coffee made from $600 per pound Kopi Luwak, a $6000 coffee machine, and a $3000 coffee grinder. This is a funny and interesting conversation between the Rap King and a coffee expert about a more refined way to get luxurious coffee. Kopi Luwak indeed lives up to the hype, and 2 Chainz gives a nitty-gritty commentary about it.


Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?

AsapSCIENCE created an informational video on when is the best time to drink coffee to maximize its effect on your body. Get your caffeine boost the right way.


Journey to Coffee Mecca: Munchies Presents LA Coffee

Munchies takes you on a journey from bean to cup. The journey starts in Good Land Organics where high-quality coffee beans are grown and processed. This video also features the people behind Intelligentsia, Copa Vida, Portola Coffee Lab, Theorem, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

For those who are interested in growing coffee or starting a coffee business, this video is a must-watch.


Battle of the Baristas: Inside the 2015 U.S. Coffee Championships

Coffee is serious business, and the annual battle of baristas is like a gladiator tournament to determine who will reign supreme in the coffee industry. The best baristas from the top coffee shops in the U.S. battle it out with their knowledge and skills in the art of coffee brewing. There’s more to your cup of coffee than meets the eye.


Have you discovered some golden coffee videos on Youtube? Share it with us at the comments section down below!

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