Today’s Favorite Brew: Coffee Brewing Guides by Atlas Coffee Club


Atlas Coffee Club is one of those coffee subscription services which will expand your horizons for good coffee. They have established their service as one of the leading providers of coffee beans sourced from around the world. You’ll never miss out in exploring the different flavors offered by coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Kenya. That’s right – it’s like your taste buds are traveling to these exotic countries through the various flavors of single origin coffees.


The coffee subscription service doesn’t just offer coffee beans delivered to your doorstep, they offer an entire coffee experience. Their blog will inspire you with resources on coffee culture. They also have brewing guides which are creatively crafted and highly informative.

We interviewed Jordan Rosenacker from Atlas Coffee Club to get the nitty-gritty about their clever brewing guides. Here’s the concept behind it and how these guides can help you become better in brewing coffee.

1. What is the concept behind the brewing guides?
Our “How to Make Coffee Brew Guides” were designed to inspire brewing in the moment and to transport an ordinary coffee brewing routine into an adventure. Each of our brew guides has a destination theme to accompany the guide, each with it’s own travel narrative. For instance, making the perfect cup of coffee is paired with paradise. And for us, paradise is a cup of coffee, on the beach, with beautiful palms trees providing shade, and cool crisp waves of coral blue ocean water rolling in.

2. How would you like to help coffee enthusiasts or aficionados through your brewing guides?
First and foremost we want to make brewing great coffee easy. So we started with curating the frequently asked questions our coffee subscribers have asked over the past year to address them in our first series of brew guides here.

We always want our readers and brewers to know that if they have any questions or comments to drop a line our way. We’re always excited to share what we know, talk coffee, and brainstorm ways to make the coffee brewing experience more enjoyable and unique.

3. Can you share to us how you came up with these clever brewing guides?
We love coffee’s great journey! Both in the way coffee comes from 45+ countries around the world and the many ways coffee is brewed and enjoyed.

Maybe you’re planning a road trip across the Pacific Northwest and want to learn How to Store Coffee for your journey or you want to learn how to make the Perfect Cold Brew and excite your caffeinated mission with some Moroccan Spices. We want to celebrate both coffee’s journey as well as the coffee drinkers.

4. Do you plan on making more brewing guides in the future?
We do! To start we launched our first series of 10 guides and will be introducing more in the future. Any guides you want to see? Let us know!

5. What would you like to impart to your readers who will learn or use your guides?
We hope our readers are able to bring some adventure to their brewing. Rather they plan to “brew coffee without a coffee maker” on the road while camping, “make espresso without a machine” at home during a snowstorm, or make a batch of “the perfect cold brew coffee” during these hot summer days. We want the process to be easy, fun, adventurous, and rewarding.


Images from Atlas Coffee Club subscription site.


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