The Easiest Way To Make a Coffee Painting

Coffee painting is an easy, fun, and affordable art form which anyone can do as a creative outlet. You’ll be surprised as to how easy coffee painting could be. This art form can be done as a solo project or even a group art workshop activity.

This week’s Coffee Lifestyle feature lists a no-fuss guide to making your own coffee painting from start to finish. Check this 4-minute video as well to give you a better grasp on what coffee painting is:

  1. Prepare Your Materials

All you need are (1) watercolor paper, (2) paintbrush, (3) coffee, and (4) water. Choose a watercolor paper which is 300-400 gsm. I’ve worked with an 180 gsm Berkeley watercolor paper, and it also works fine. As for paintbrushes, it’s best to work with a flat brush and round-tip brush. As you start with smaller projects, choose paintbrushes which have a finer or smaller tip.

Use 100% pure black instant coffee. I use the Nescafe variety in most of my paintings. If you want to add more texture to your paintings, you can use coffee grounds. Do take note that coffee grounds are not as versatile as instant coffee in painting.

  1. Prepare a Light Coffee Solution and a Dark Coffee Solution

The rule of thumb is to mix one part coffee to two parts water for you to create a light shade solution. To make a dark shade solution, mix two parts coffee to one part water. This is just an estimate though, since you can adjust the shade of coffee to your liking. In short, add more water if you want to create a lighter shade and add more coffee if you want a darker shade.

  1. Sketch On Paper

At this point, you can draw whatever you want! You can draw something abstract, realistic, portrait, landscape – just about anything! The best thing about coffee painting is that it is monochromatic. You’ll only be working with one color and take advantage of its different shades.

  1. Paint With a Light Shade First

Lightly wet your brush with the light coffee solution. You can paint your entire subject with the light coffee solution or use it on parts which need to have a lighter shade. Let your lightly shaded parts dry first before adding a dark shade.

  1. Then Paint Using a Dark Shade

Once your first layer of light coffee shade dries, it’s time to paint with a darker shade of coffee. You can use the dark shade of coffee to outline your drawing, create details, or emphasize certain parts of your sketch. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know how and when to add the light coffee solution and the dark shade solution.

  1. Let Your Painting Dry for at least 24 Hours Before Framing

Smell the coffee from your painting and let it dry for at least a day before securing it with a glass frame. Make sure that the painting has a considerable distance from the glass to preserve it effectively. You can do this by adding some matting around your painting before framing. There are frame shops which can customize the matting and frame for you.

To see more resources about coffee painting, check these links out for your perusal:




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