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The Best Cities in the World to Go Coffee Shop Hopping

If you are wondering what place to travel next, why not go into a coffee shop hopping escapade on your chosen destination? Hopping from one coffee shop to the next is an invigorating (and also somewhat relaxing) experience for you to enjoy the best of what a city has to offer. After walking for long hours, a coffee shop provides a relaxed and refreshing haven that will keep you going for your trip. A specialty coffee shop will also give you a glimpse of the coffee culture of a particular place. If you’re going on a sabbatical, the city’s coffee shops are there for you to sit back, reflect, write in your journal, paint your dreams, or bond with new friends.

We’ve rounded up the best cities in the world which offer a mushroom growth of fantastic coffee shops. These cities are located on different continents, and they offer a variety of experiences.


(1)    Rome, Italy

Italian coffee is tagged as one of the best in the world. Many coffee shops around the globe use Italian coffee to serve the best to their customers. And why not go to the source of one of the world’s best?

Together with the Italian’s love for food, high-quality coffee brewed through serious methods are the highlight of businesses dotted around the City of Rome. Locals usually enjoy their coffee black or sweetened just a little bit. If you like full-flavored coffee, you’ve found the right place to be.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Rome: Ciampini, Rosati, Caffe Greco, Il Caffe Sant’Eustacchio, The Cappuccino Bar, Recafe, Antigua Tazza D’Oro Coffee House, Giolitti, Canova Tadolini, Sabatini, Caffe Strega, Domiziano, Canova, Bramante’s Cloister Café Bistrot, Rosati


(2)    Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s history with coffee runs deep, with Italian immigrants bringing their coffee culture to its shores during the mid-twentieth century. This city is lined with open-air cafes and “villages” with its distinct coffee culture. Latte art is taken so seriously here, and there’s an annual coffee expo that attracts coffee lovers from around the world.

If you love cappuccinos, black coffee, or flat whites, you might be drinking like a local when you visit Melbourne.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Melbourne: Captains of Industry, Stassi Café, Pillar of Salt, Auction Rooms, Breakfast Thieves, Brother Baba Budan, Crabapple Kitchen, Chez Dre + Bibelot, Cumulus Inc., Dead Man Espresso, De Clieu, Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House, Krimper Café, Manchester Press


(3)    Vancouver, Canada

This city is a vibrant epicenter of highly-skilled baristas and coffee micro-brewers. You can find great coffee shops in the downtown area, and also in the quieter neighborhoods. Independently-owned cafes have leveled up the competition for the perfect brew. Vancouver is also the place to explore the third wave of coffee culture, with regards to ethically-sourced coffee with exquisite flavors.

Locals love their espresso drinks and Americanos. You’ll also get a good dose of organic and fair trade coffee in micro-brewers.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Vancouver: JJ Bean Coffee Roasters, Caffe Artigiano, Bel Café, Revolver Coffee, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on Main Street, Matchstick Coffee Roasters, Kafka’s Coffee, Beaucoup Bakery & Café, Musette Caffe, Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, Bel Cafe, Le Marche St. George, Elysian Coffee


(4)    Addis Abada, Ethiopia

Want to discover the very roots of coffee? Why not visit the city where coffee originated? Ethiopia is one of the world’s top coffee producers, and coffee is deeply ingrained into the country’s culture. They have special coffee ceremonies which involve roasting and grinding the beans, then brewing the coffee in a clay pot before serving it to the guests. There’s nothing quite like experiencing how coffee was originally prepared and consumed.

Recommended Coffee Places in Ethiopia: Alem Bunna, Mokarar (Harar) Coffee, Tomoca Coffee, Café Choche, Kaldi’s Coffee, Yeshi Bunna, Lime Tree


(5)    Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

The birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle will always be associated with coffee in the global arena. This city has the highest concentration of coffeehouses in the U.S. You’ll find hidden gems dotted around the city, in the form of indie holes in the wall, upscale industrial cafes, and artsy coffee houses.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Seattle: Tin Umbrella Coffee, Victrola Coffee, Caffe Vita, Milstead & Co., Slate Coffee, Seattle Coffee Works, Broadcast Coffee, Neptune Coffee, Tougo Coffee Co., QED


(6)    Manila, Philippines

Manila has caught the third wave bug with specialty coffee shops around the city. Many of these coffee shops are locally owned. Each coffee shop also has their own specialty, individuality, and creativity when it comes to crafting coffee beverages. Get your phone cameras ready as you’ll be able to snap Instagram-worthy photos of handcrafted coffees with amazing latte art.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Manila: Commune, Caffera, Local Edition, Subspace Coffee House, Yardstick Coffee, Kuppa Roastery & Café, UCC Clockwork, The Curator, Craft Coffee Revolution, Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, EDSA Beverage Design Studio

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