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Take a Coffee Connoisseur Trip to Southeast Asia: A Whole New Appreciation for Coffee

The coffee culture in Asia has grown exponentially over the years, whether that be in the production or consumption sector. Take for example Vietnam and Indonesia – these two Southeast Asian countries are two of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. The southern part of Philippines is also known to have the best alluvial soil for coffee production in the world. You shouldn’t miss drinking coffee in Thailand, and experience the full-bodied flavor of Indonesian coffee.

One of the most exciting things you can do in your coffee tour to Southeast Asia is visiting Vietnam, where you can find villages from Phan Thiet to Dalat laying out coffee beans on big sheets. You could also enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee (ca phe) together with Vietnamese cuisine in one of the tours from Backyard Travel. Go Asia Travel also has a La Viet Coffee Tour in Dalat, which allows you to have a hands-on experience in coffee farming and roasting (). There is also a myriad of coffee shops to hop in Hanoi such as Ca Phe Pho Co, Align 3D Graphic Café, Chillout, and Cookie Jar

Take a Coffee Connoisseur Trip to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers coffee trails which tantalize the senses

And if you want to get a general overview of how coffee is made and how you can drink it in Indochina, check out this awesome infographic from Buffalo Tours! Coffee in Laos is said to be sweet, chocolatey, acidic and soft; while the coffee in Vietnam is smooth, fragrant, liquor-like and strong.

Akha Ama Coffee in Thailand offers a tour called “The Coffee Journey” which takes you to a three-day excursion to a coffee farm in Chiang Mai. You get to see how coffee is planted from a seed and grown into a full-grown tree. They plant coffee with larger trees and fruit trees as a sustainable method of agriculture. They also use organic fertilizer instead of chemicals or synthetics. You’ll also have a hands-on experience in picking coffee cherries and processing the coffee. You’ll truly get a new appreciation for each cup of coffee you encounter.

Indonesia is a whole new other game when it comes to coffee. They have three islands involved in coffee culture – Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. The coffee grown in Sulawesi is like a hard-earned treasure sought after by coffee enthusiasts around the world. Javanese coffee, on the other hand, takes years of storage to create a smoky and full-bodied flavor. Sumatran coffee is also adored all over the world due to its bold and syrupy taste. In the island of Bali, Kopi Luwak is produced with the help of palm civets. Up until now, Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffee in the international market.

Coffee takes you on a journey to the Philippines at The Coffee Farmhouse in Cavite. You get to have a relaxing retreat where coffee grows and flourishes on this side of the tropical archipelago. You also get to drink an unlimited supply of freshly brewed coffee. There are also ways on how you can get more information about coffee in the area. This retreat venue is a great place for personal reflection or teambuilding activities where you can also drink coffee as many times as you want (even under a coffee tree).  Another option is going up north to the Philippines. Route+63 Travels offers a Sagada Coffee and Eco Tour catered to your group which will take you on a coffee journey near a World Heritage Site.

There’s definitely a lot going in Southeast Asia when it comes to coffee. Every country or island nation on this affordable travel destination gives you a different take on how coffee is grown, processed, brewed, and enjoyed.  You’ll get a whole new appreciation for coffee after immersing yourself to the various coffee tours or retreats you’ll find here.

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