The Pros and Cons of Pour Over Coffee Brewing


Have you ever thought of buying a pour over coffee maker, but still not sure if you should take the leap? We give you the lowdown on the pros and cons of getting a pour over coffee maker so that you can make wise decisions in buying.

Pros of Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

  1. Creates great-tasting coffee

The pour-over method allows you to extract the unique flavor of each kind of coffee beans. You’ll be able to bring out the best flavor out of the freshly grind beans, and appreciate it without any additional ingredient.

  1. Discover the unique differences in a variety of coffee beans

Bringing out the unique flavor of every coffee variety is possible through pour-over coffee brewing. You will not taste these subtleties with the usual drip machine. Since you’ll have complete control over every step of the brewing process, the natural flavors which are distinct in every type, roast, or brand of coffee will trickle down your cup.

  1. Purity in coffee, and nothing else

If you’re using a high-quality mesh filter or a well-bonded paper filter, it will catch any sediment or oil that might increase the bitterness of coffee.

  1. You can brew more than one cup at the same time

There are pour-over coffee makers designed to brew one, two, three, four, six or eight cups of coffee at a time. Choose the size of pour over coffee maker according to the amount of coffee you usually need.

  1. Impress your guests

A pour-over coffee maker brings out the barista in you even if you’re just at home. Demonstrating your pour-over brewing skills is like being a chemist-cum-rockstar in the coffee category. If you’re new to the brewing process, you’ll eventually get the hang of it every time you brew coffee. See it as a way for you to fully understand what it takes to brew excellent coffee, and sharing your passion with other people.

Cons of Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

  1. Investing in several accessories

If you’re so getting into home brewing, you might get carried away in buying several accessories for it. This might take a huge cut in your budget

Solution: Invest in one or two accessories at a time. Consider different brands of accessories and take into account what fits your budget. We recommend these coffee accessories which give a bang for your buck.

  1. It takes patience

Imagine yourself every morning doing the entire brewing process for 3 – 5 minutes, and this does not include the 3 – 5 minutes you need to spend in measuring coffee, grinding beans, and boiling water. Are you willing to make the effort to get a good cup of coffee even if you feel like a zombie first thing in the morning? You might need a quicker way to get coffee for your coffee.

Solution: Practice the pour-over brewing process (in this case, while you’re fully awake) to the point that brewing coffee using this method will seem so natural you could do it with your eyes closed. The resulting coffee which has a depth of flavor is still worth the effort.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

You will need a long-handled brush to clean the vessel. At times, it would still be difficult to clean the insides of the vessel if the product is not designed well. If the glass is of low-quality, it might accidentally break while moving or cleaning it.

Solution: Check for pour-over coffee maker reviews to see if other users have found the glass vessel or carafe to be of good quality.

  1. Folding paper filters might be too much of a hassle for others

Others might think that folding paper filters is like crafting an origami. This is another factor in the effort you need to extend in making pour-over coffee.

Solution: Practice can indeed make things perfect, and before you know it, you can also do this with your eyes closed. For a more convenient type of filter, consider using a stainless steel coffee drip filter.



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