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The Next Best Thing: Philippine Coffee Around the World


(Kapeng Pinoy from Echostore Davao, Philippines)

Philippine coffee is gaining traction again in the international scene. Coffee production might have slowed down in 1889, but the country bounced back during the 1960’s. These days, you’ll find Philippine coffee gaining awards in international competitions and local efforts are boosting support for quality farming, roasting, and processing coffee.

You’ll find these suppliers or retailers of Philippine coffee in different parts of the globe. These companies uphold noteworthy practices in coffee production as they support local farming communities and making sure that these coffee beans come to your hands with love.



Kalsada (which means ‘street’ in Filipino) supports Filipino coffee producers and dedicate themselves to bring quality coffee abroad. They uphold fair trade practices and provide full support to local coffee farming communities. With efforts geared towards the long term, they aim to build environmental wealth for future generations of growers.’

They source coffee from the north (Benguet) and south (Bukidnon) of the Philippines. They roast these coffee beans in Manila and Seattle for their client cafes. You can buy wholesale Philippine coffee beans from them, so do check out this page if you want to offer Philippine coffee in your cafe. As for their coffee subscription, they only offer it in the Philippines at the moment.




Their name says it all – they bring peace to the world through coffee. They uphold relational harmony in all sectors of the coffee economy – from the farming communities, entrepreneurs, workers, and servers of coffee. The company was conceived through the successful mediation of a local conflict over a rice field. The conflict was solved through a dialogue over coffee. This initiated a series of efforts to protect the environment, helping local communities improve their lives through coffee farming, and support peacebuilding efforts in Mindanao. Coffee For Peace has proven to the world that coffee can indeed make the world a better place.

Their coffee shop based in Davao City, Philippines received approval from international NGO executives, foreign missionaries, local business leaders, and diplomats. You can also get a taste of their coffee in several coffee shops around the Philippines. For interested buyers outside the Philippines, they also ship their coffee beans worldwide based on their current supply. Click here for more information.




This coffee supplier based in Sugar Land, Texas provide a wide range of coffee beans sourced from several regions in the Philippines, including some parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. They get their coffee beans in bulk from the Philippines and roast it in the US. Some of the coffee beans that have been roasted in the Philippines arrive to the US within 3 days of roasting; thus buyers from the US are ensured to get freshly roasted coffee to their doorsteps.

They have a deep respect for the ways and culture that indigenous communities grow coffee. Their coffee farming communities uphold organic practices and sustainable development.

From their online store, you’ll find precious coffee beans from Batangas, Sagada, Benguet, Mindanao, and the Mountain Province. They also have various coffee blends available, such as the famed Monk’s Blend from the Benedictine monks of Bukidnon, and their signature Arabica house blend.




If you are based in Europe (specifically Geneva, Switzerland), there’s a café that supports the sustainable development of Philippine coffee. Viverra Coffee was conceived by social entrepreneur, John Sasuya, as a means to bring premium Philippine coffee to the European market. He partners with local farmers and artisanal coffee roasters. His single-origin coffees have also reached to customers from France and Germany. Checking out the Viverra Coffee Facebook Page you’ll find premium coffee from Benguet, Sagada, and Batangas.



Philippine coffee might not yet be seen in mega scale productions compared to the coffee superpowers in the world, but local companies and communities are joining hands to bring back the glory days of Philippine coffee; and perhaps even more than that – offering premium quality coffee that more and more people around the world could experience with joy. There’s a rare quality that can only be found in Philippine coffee, and coffee lovers will surely treasure whatever Philippine coffee beans they could get from a few locations in the world.

If you would like to add more Philippine coffee suppliers on this list, send us a message at [email protected] for us to share the love of Philippine coffee to the world!



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Coffee for Peace:

Philippine Coffee Company:

Artisanal Coffee Made by the Philippine by Perpie Poblador:

*All images are screenshots from the coffee suppliers’ websites or pages.

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