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Infographic: The World Map of Coffee


Do you plan on traveling the world for coffee? When you visit a new country or city, you might want to do the usual tourist stuff to experience what others have been raving about.

But coffee does it better for you.

Drinking the signature coffee of a place will help you get a glimpse or feel of the culture. From the coffee beans that they grow, roast or use, the kind of water available for brewing, to the methods in crafting a coffee beverage – all of these and more will give you a taste of the life in the city.

Coffee In My Veins shares with us what you can expect from the different coffees around the world. Countries around the coffee belt offer an extensive list of coffee profiles which will expand your sense for coffee. The US, Europe, and Asia also offer several options for people’s taste buds.

To get the lowdown on all things coffee, visit the blog Coffee In My Veins. They also have an extensive list of espresso machine reviews which can help you in purchasing a high-powered coffee machine.

world map of coffee

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