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How To Keep A Good Supply of Coffee While Traveling

Whether you’re going to travel in style or up for a budgeted backpacking trip, it would be absolutely no fun if you don’t have coffee. You might not like the type of coffee served at the hotel, or you might be saving money for other travel expenses. It is, therefore, important that you plan ahead for your coffee supply while traveling.

You’ll be away from home for quite some time, and you might not be able to get your favorite cup of coffee as often as you want. So here’s what caffeine-driven travelers have to say about how they can always get a good cup of coffee wherever they go in the world.

(1)    How Much Coffee Do You Really Drink Per Day?

Ask yourself how much coffee you usually consume per day. This will be the basis on how much coffee you need to bring. Take into account the number of people you’ll be traveling with as well. You might need to bring additional coffee sachets.

(2)    Pack Your Favorite Instant Coffee Mixes

The most convenient way to have coffee on-the-go is to pack some instant coffee. 3-in-1 coffee mixes are already rationed for one cup, so take note of cups of coffee per day x number of days while traveling = number of instant coffee sachets you need to bring.

(3)    Or Prepare Your Own Coffee Mixes

You can also come up with your own coffee mixes. You can do this by grinding your favorite coffee beans or using instant black coffee powder. Add some creamer and sugar according to your preference. Check the quality of your mix by adding hot water and having a taste test. If it’s good enough for you, pack it into a secure container or zip lock bags.

(4)    Pack an Electric Travel Kettle

There are electric travel kettles available on Amazon and eBay, which are portable and convenient enough for traveling. Just plug the electric kettle (which looks like a tumbler) to your car or electric outlet and it heats the water for you. If you’re traveling in big groups, it helps to pack a 1-liter electric kettle for you to serve hot water for everyone.

There might be hotels which already have electric kettles in their rooms, so do call the hotel beforehand if they have such amenity. Some hostels or lodging inns do not offer this convenience, so it’s best that you bring your handy electric kettle.

How to keep a good supply of coffee while traveling

Never run out of coffee ever again

(5)    Keep a Good Supply of Water

It’s easy to get dehydrated while traveling, or you might be in your last few dollars while traveling. Go to the local supermarket of a place and buy a gallon of water. Buying bottled water at the local market is much cheaper than ordering small bottles of water at the hotel or restaurant. It also helps if you do some research on your destination and check if they have available water fountains at public places. Keep a good supply of water wherever you go for hydration and “caffeination” purposes.

(6)    Explore the Coffee in Your Destination As Well

You’re traveling to a new place, so you ought to try something new! Even if you’re absolutely picky when it comes to coffee, you’ll lose half of your life if you don’t try what the city offers regarding coffee culture. Let go of your expectations and take a sip of their brew. If you like it, purchase some beans for you to drink at home. If you don’t like it, you’ll always have your good ‘ol coffee mixes in your baggage.

Coffee can be your fuel after long hours of waiting at the airport or after walking the entire day around a tourist destination. Coffee can also be the icing on your cake while traveling! You always deserve a good cup of coffee wherever you go. So pack up some coffee and enjoy your trip!

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