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How Coffee Tells You More About Your Personality

Did you know that whatever coffee you order, or what coffee you usually drink, shows telltale signs about your personality? Studies have confirmed that there is a connection between our brains and the types of coffee we drink. According to Dr. Gary L. Wenk, coffee taps into the kind of reward system your brains has evolved over time. Whether you are an espresso, cappuccino, or Frappuccino-type of person, that highly addictive beverage you usually drink tells a lot more than you can imagine.


For those who love their coffee black…

black coffee

People who are purists when it comes to coffee (no cream, sugar, or any addition) would most probably be a leader. They work hard at what they do while being direct and honest in their work. They like to take control of things, and would usually avoid change or conflicts. They usually tend to be simple, quiet, and minimalist.

For those who like their black coffee with cream and sugar…

coffee with sugar

They embody two worlds – one is being organized and the other is being a bit messy. They love to strike a balance between the creative and logical sides of their minds. They are minimalists as well as spontaneous. They love to include fun in their productive endeavors.

For those who love a strong shot of espresso…


They have similarities with people who like black coffee, but they tends to be more ambitious. They are natural born leaders who work hard and play hard. They know themselves very well, and are reliable in everything that they do. They do not settle for anything mediocre and would not tolerate failures. They are time-conscious people, as they are usually punctual and follow a strict schedule. They also love being on the go most of the time.

For those who love to drink double shots of espresso, they seem to be more logical than the others. They are known to be practical and avoid being whimsical. They are also hardworking and follow directions well.

For the cappuccino drinkers…


Cappuccino drinkers are usually detail-oriented. They are extremely precise and meticulous about their work. They usually work in artistic or creative fields. They do not go with the trends, and at times, come up with intriguing endeavors. They are known to be sophisticated, elegant, and extremely polished. Cappuccino drinkers are a skilled, imaginative, and introverted bunch.

For latte lovers…


Latte drinkers usually follow trends and are not afraid to experiment on new things. They tend to be friendly, pleasant and comforting to be with, while being youthful at the same time. They will confront you if there’s something wrong, but would still try to please as many people as possible. They also highly value aesthetics and appearance. Latte drinkers are also known to be reflective and imaginative.

For Frappuccino or frozen blended coffee drinkers…

cafe mocha

Frappuccino people are also trend followers. They have a particularly sweet tooth because they tend to order the “coffee ice cream.” They love to be spontaneous with a “Carpe Diem” attitude. They are less controlling and take more chances in life. They are also quite an indulgent and more materialistic bunch. They are most likely to be adventurous, joyful, and energetic.

If you love your coffee to be decaffeinated…


Decaf coffee drinkers love to live life without stress. They are at times light-hearted and sometimes they can be uptight. They are beautifully simple people who avoid arguments, controversies, risk, and challenges. They also want the best for their lives without making a fuss.

For those who love iced coffee…

iced coffee

Iced coffee drinkers tend to be very assertive people. They like to take charge and it’s always business for them (no fuss, no drama, no pettiness). They are trendsetters who are confident with their opinions. They are also known to have more emotional stability than the others.

For those who usually order tea or soy milk coffees…


Those who prefer coffee alternatives are more conscious about their health and the natural environment. They might have a lot of ego or tend to be high-maintenance, but they follow great ideals. They are seen as hipsters (chill and earthy) and maximizers (picky).


Do you think this list is accurate for you? Share us your comments below!

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