Going travelling? 5 places you need to visit for the coffee


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*This piece is contributed by Kayla Gibbs for this week’s guest blog on Coffeerama. Enjoy!

If you’re an avid coffee drinker but fretting that you won’t find anywhere that tastes like home, rest assured there’s plenty of places around the world with a reputation for a good cup. From New Zealand to Europe, you’re bound to find some impressive and delicious coffee in these five particular locations.



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If there’s one city in the world where you simply have to try the coffee, it’s Melbourne. Despite recent competition from Sydney and Brisbane, there’s simply no comparison – it’s here you’ll find the best cup in the country, and perhaps the world.

Being Australia’s culture capital, you’re bound to discover some authentic cafés within Melbourne’s streets. Whether you want an Italian experience at places such as Heartattack and Vine or a hipster-tinged cup in Proud Mary, within the city’s art suburbs, you’ll be drinking some of the world’s indisputably best coffee.




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Ah, the city of love. Paris is known for its quirky, romanticised cafés to be found in every arrondissement; the coffee, however, has only become a talking point in recent years. With certain outlets gaining a cult status between visitors – Holybelly and Hardware Société are just two of them – you’d be a fool to miss out on grabbing a cup.

Coffee is said to be at the heart of the Parisian lifestyle, so if you’re looking to blend in you’re going to have to be an avid drinker. Grab a cup, sit outside upon one of the city’s streets and watch the world go by – Paris is truly the best place to people watch.




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It may admittedly not be the coffee itself that does the talking in Tokyo, but the Japanese city’s cafés are simply too impressive to miss out on. Hardly any of them are inconspicuous, quiet hole-in-the-walls – you’ll be overcome by just how unique and inventive some of these coffee shops really are.

From the Italian, Norwegian and American-themed cafés (to name a few) to the stranger locations, you’ll be hard done by finding a coffee shop in Tokyo that doesn’t impress you. Consider paying a visit to N3331, the café and bar sandwiched between two active train tracks. Watch the world quite literally go by as you sip a cup of coffee and relax.




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New Zealand’s capital city is one to visit for many reasons. Wellington is strikingly small and charming for a city of such high status – and wherever you go, you’re bound to smell the coffee. The fragrance of the drink flows through the streets, with it undeniably being a staple part of the Wellington way of life.

One particular drink the city is famed for is the flat white; the beverage has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years, but Wellington’s examples reign supreme. Kaffee Eis is a waterfront spot renowned for a good flat white, so grab a cup here and sit by the bay to people watch.




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It’s safe to say that in Vienna, coffee is an art form. Drinking the beverage is a sheer experience, its cafes being some of sheer splendour and luxury. And the cups in Vienna aren’t your typical staples, either – from Eispanner to Melange, a Viennese classic, don’t expect to go in asking for a plain black coffee.

It’s something the Viennese take very seriously, so be sure to respect and appreciate the coffee you drink. It won’t be difficult, though – the cafés and coffee shops here in the Austrian capital are simply too good to pass up.


Are there any more places we’ve missed where coffee is king? Let us know in the comments below.

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