Don’t Throw Away Coffee Grounds: Here’s How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Beans

I would usually brew a lot of coffee, day in and day out. So I always feel like it’s such a waste to throw away all those precious coffee grounds. I feel that coffee is still such a powerful ingredient after using it in a brew.

There are so many ways in which you can make the most out of coffee grounds. Drinking coffee is a significant part of my everyday life, and I have also found ways to integrate it into different aspects of my lifestyle. Here’s how I make the most out of grounds after brewing:

Tips on How To Make the Most Out of Coffee Grounds

Make the most out of the special properties of your coffee grounds.


(1)    Plant Fertilizer

If I don’t need to use coffee grounds for the below steps, I immediately set out to my garden and place the grounds on top of the soil surrounding my plants. I also do this for potted plants. I no longer need to buy fertilizer at the garden shop because coffee already does the trick. Coffee is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen and trace minerals which will nourish your plants. However, you have to take note of the soil preferences of your plants – use the coffee grounds for those plants which prefer acidic soil.

Coffee can also be your plants’ best friend in repelling harmful insects. Coffee can repel maggots, slugs, ants, and mosquitoes. So it’s an overall gardening agent which can do wonders for your garden.

(2)    Exfoliant/Body Scrub

I’m usually sensitive to the regular body scrubs sold in stores, so I tried a natural alternative which is coffee grounds. I swear it works, and I love it. It evens out my skin tone and brightens my skin. I also love the addicting aroma of coffee while I’m bathing with it. I keep a jar of used coffee grounds in the bathroom whenever I need to exfoliate.

(3)    Deodorizer

I also use coffee grounds or coffee beans in deodorizing cabinets and other spaces. I put coffee grounds or beans in a bowl and place it inside my cabinets whenever I need to get rid of odors. Whenever there are odors which can be hard to get rid of, I put coffee grounds in stockings or cloth, tie them up, and hang it on a wall so that it can do its deodorizing powers.

(4)    Grilling Meat

We use toasted coffee grounds together with other spices to bring out great flavors in meat. Toast the coffee grounds for a few seconds, mix it with your favorite spices, and rub them into steaks. You can also do this with pork and chicken meat if desired.

(5)    Coffee Painting

I have been a coffee painter since 2007, and it has been my preferred medium for creating artworks ever since. I love painting with coffee because it’s such a beautiful pigment to use. Because of its monochromatic quality, the possibilities of creating masterpieces are endless. All you need is water, some coffee grounds or instant coffee, paintbrushes, and watercolor paper. Here’s a Coffeerama article on how you can make your own coffee painting.


This list is not exhaustive because there’s so much you can do with those precious coffee grounds. Do you have other special uses for coffee after using them in a brew? Comment your suggestions down below and show us your love for coffee!

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