What To Do When You Come Across A New Pour Over Coffee Maker

pour over coffee maker

Are you curious about all the buzz surrounding pour over coffee? It’s one type of coffee brewing you’ll never be disappointed in, and we love the sophisticated flavors it brings out in coffee beans. Here’s what you need to know before jumping into the pour over bandwagon.

Things To Look Out For In a Pour Over Coffee Maker

Not all pour-over coffee makers are created equal, so you’ve got to check out these red flags:

  • Low-quality carafes may crack while heating.
  • Some expensive pour over coffee makers may have a delicate glass carafe that would easily break.
  • Insulator band is not wide or thick enough to protect your hands against the water’s hot temperature.
  • Shape or structure of the glass carafe makes it difficult to clean the insides, making it a pain to wash.
  • Low-quality pour overs might have a dented filter which makes it awkward to use.
  • Water would go through filter quickly, which is why the coffee grounds wouldn’t steep.
  • The filter is not well-designed which will make the dripping process take a long time. The coffee might no longer be hot or warm enough after the long brewing period.
  • Resulting coffee might be under-extracted or has a weak taste if the coffee maker doesn’t steep the coffee grounds properly.
  • Coffee grounds might be added to your coffee with a substandard filter.
  • The design of the top portion of the coffee maker makes it awkward to pour coffee, or that it would pour coffee all over the place.

How To Choose the Right Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Take note of the above warning signs when you buy a coffee maker in a brick-and-mortar shop. If you’re going to buy online, you need to check the reviews first to see if other people experienced the same scenarios.

There would be times that affordable ones create the same quality of coffee as expensive ones. We recommend a win-win situation in affordability and quality with this record-breaking pour-over coffee maker. Here are some extra tips to help you choose the right pour-over coffee maker:

(1)    Portability

Do you want to make coffee on-the-go? Whether you’re traveling, camping, or road tripping, life is indeed too short for bad coffee. If you’re always on the move, choose pour-over coffee makers with high-quality glass carafes so that you could carry it everywhere without worrying about breaking anything.

(2)    Quality of Material

Borosilicate glass is one ideal material for the glass carafe. Hand-blown glass carafes are also ideal of coffee brewing. Mesh filters should be top quality stainless steel. And the insulator band should be thick and broad enough to protect your hands while brewing.

(3)    Serving Size

How much coffee do you drink in a day? And how many people would need that coffee in your home? If you’re a family of coffee lovers, a three, six or eight-cup would do. If you’re just buying for yourself, a one or two-cup might suffice.

(4)    Brewing Process

The design and quality of the pour-over coffee maker will determine how efficient it is in brewing coffee. If the mesh filter is poorly designed, it would either under-extract coffee or make the brewing process take too long. Pour-over coffee brewing should only take about 3 – 5 minutes.

(5)    Buy From Reputable Sellers

Buying low-quality pour-over coffee makers will be a pain to use, so you might as well invest in excellent coffee tools.



We hope you’re ready to take the leap when it comes to buying the best pour over. What’s your favorite coffee maker, and how do you make the most out of it? Comment your experiences below!





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