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Coffeerama’s Coffee 101 Series

Here at Coffeerama we want to give you a full resource of everything about coffee. We came up with a no-fuss Coffee 101 guide to all things you need to know about the most beloved beverage in the world.

Coffee makes the world go round, and everything feels great with a cup of joe at the start of the day.


(1)    Coffee 101: The Terms You Need to Know To Become a Coffee Connoisseur

Coffee 101

Be a coffee connoisseur with these terms

Make this your coffee cheat sheet whenever you need to brush up on your knowledge about coffee. Stop any coffee snob in his tracks with your coffee know-how. (Link to article here)


(2)    How to Choose Great Quality Coffee

how to choose great quality coffee

It’s all about choosing fresh and high-quality coffee beans. So how do you make the most out of your coffee bean purchase? We give you the lowdown on how to choose the cream of the crop. (Link to article here.)


(3) How to Make Excellent Coffee at Home

how to make excellent coffee

Nothing beats a great cup of coffee you can make at home any time of the day. Avoid the morning rush at the coffee shop by making your own excellent coffee in the kitchen. Ready your coffee cups or tumblers and always have an enticing coffee at hand. (Link to article here.)


(4) How to Order Coffee Like a Pro

how to order coffee like a pro

Getting lost in the extensive menu of a coffee shop? Do your homework before you even step inside a coffeehouse with this easy guide on how to order coffee like a true expert. (Link to article here.)


(5) How to Grow Coffee At Home


Besides having your own homegrown coffee beans, you’ll experience the great health benefits of having a coffee plant at home. Bring out the true green thumb within you by growing your very own coffee plant indoors. (Link to article here.)


(6) How to Choose the Right Coffee Maker for Your Needs

coffee equipment

Besides choosing the excellent coffee beans, you need the perfect equipment to brew best-tasting coffee. Here’s a guide to help you determine which coffee machine you should purchase. (Link to article here.)

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