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Coffee Makes The World Go Round: How Coffee Starts the Day and Moves the World

coffee makes the world go round

The moment you wake up, you go for the coffee maker on the kitchen counter to brew your fuel for the start of the day. Life may seem mundane, and coffee is like oil to your inside machinery. However, coffee can be more than that. This black gold moves people, businesses, countries, and even the world economy itself. And why is that? Why does this beverage, which individuals in the distant past have never dreamed of drinking, became somewhat a revolutionary commodity? So revolutionary that perhaps most of us cannot function without it, and communities around the world have formed a culture surrounding it.

Some may even say that drinking coffee is easier and much more fun than drinking water.

This liquid that doesn’t seem to be entirely bitter or sweet – it just tastes as it is. It is the “coffee” flavor or aroma that is so distinct you can’t seem to find another one like it. It can be earthy, acidic, fruity, tangy, rough, or mild. It’s an amalgamation of robust and subtle flavors which make it distinctly coffee.

And it has indeed made the world go round…


Out of This World Coffee Statistics

The world demands coffee, and the world itself tries to supply it. According to Statistic Brain, the United States spends USD 4 Billion to import coffee each year. And that is in the U.S. alone since Europe is still the largest importer of coffee with its 3 million tons of coffee consumed or re-exported. According to The European Coffee Federation, the EU consumes a mind-whooping 2.5 million tons of coffee per year, and 725 million cups of coffee are drunk each day. The numbers state as if people can’t get enough of their coffee, which makes it always good for business.

Asia is not far behind from the booming coffee industry. Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines are getting into the numbers game as they keep up with global demand. The International Coffee Organization confirmed that coffee consumption doubled in the region – from 8.4 million bags of coffee in 1990 to 19.5 million bags in 2012.


Drinking Coffee Wherever You Go

It has become the norm to line up to your local coffee shop and get a coffee to go before you walk to the office. Coffee is now a staple in business meetings, parties, establishments, and office pantries – which is a far cry from the past when it was initially appealed to be banned in Europe during the 1600s. Coffee has gone a long way in history and has been an integral part of historical events. Legends even say that the first one who discovered coffee was made into a saint. I mean, who wouldn’t praise anyone who invented this can’t-live-without drink? Everything lead to how we see, appreciate and consume coffee today.

Your coffee tumbler might seem like an insignificant investment, but it contains the beverage that you always look forward to every moment of the day. Going to the office pantry to get a coffee refill is a routine activity – you just need to keep refueling your tank or else you can’t go on. Thus, businesses have been born and prospered through this necessity of coffee. Espresso Business Solutions have stated that independent coffee shops come up with USD 12 Billion in sales every year. You really can make a fortune out of people who love coffee and would like to drink it in a place with great ambiance.


Coffee At Your Service

Do not underestimate your average instant coffee at home. Some people may need instant coffee as a quick fix while waiting for their specialty coffee beans to finish brewing using their sleek coffee machine. The numbers also prove how instant coffee is such a sensation. Statista recorded that Nestle USA earned USD 147.9 Million in instant coffee sales while Kraft Foods made USD 116.4 Million. Coffee has become a convenience staple like soap and bottled water.


Isn’t it an interesting thought that the things we usually take for granted are the ones that have great significance to our lives? We can’t live without air or water, and we might just have to add coffee to the list. The next time you order a cup of coffee, appreciate the many hands that contributed for you to experience this wonderful drink. Whether the coffee is just as ordinary as your instant coffee, or as expensive as a Kopi Luwak, coffee will always be special. David Lynch aptly says it – “Bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” Yet we all know that people will always look for the very best of coffee wherever they go.

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