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Coffee Gear Essentials That Every Coffee Addict Should Have

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Anyone who can’t live without coffee should never forget that it’s all about the beans and gear. If you have essentials to make a great cup of coffee, you’ll never worry about a bad coffee day ever again. Don’t settle for mediocre coffee anymore by investing on the following tools which will revolutionize your life.

(1)    Coffee Canister

Fresh coffee beans are essential in the pursuit of sublime coffee. Besides buying coffee beans every week or two, you have to keep it fresh all the time. You might have to consider where to store beans to keep it away from heat and moisture. A good quality coffee canister will do the job of keeping coffee beans fresh without the fuss. Go for something with an airfresh valve technology to keep your beans in top condition.

(2)    Burr Grinder

Pre-ground coffee doesn’t cut it anymore, compared to coffee beans ground within 5 minutes before brewing. Grinding ensures that you can make the most out of the flavors and aromas that coffee beans have contained after roasting. You’ll release these elements which make coffee delicious while grinding. Once grinding is done, brew the coffee grounds immediately to drip all that goodness into the cup.

You can always opt for an electric coffee grinder if you want to get your coffee grounds as quickly as possible. Baristas, however, would still recommend the use of a burr grinder. The benefit of having a manual burr grinder is that you can adjust the coarseness of coffee grounds. You also don’t have to use a power source while grinding coffee with it, which makes it practical to bring while camping or traveling.

(3)    Gram Scale

A reliable gram scale is very much an essential to the science of brewing excellent coffee. A scale will help you measure the right amount of coffee beans to the desired amount of water.  Just take note of how many cups of coffee you want to have. We recommend this resource from Lifehacker for the standard brewing ratios.

(4)    Gooseneck Kettle

The benefit of having of gooseneck kettle is that pouring hot water over coffee grounds will be easier and more efficient. This comes in really handy if you’re using a Chemex, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press, or Coffee Dripper. The controlled manner of pouring water will give you a good brew. We recommend this gooseneck kettle with a built-in thermometer to help you heat water to the right temperature.

(5)    Your Choice of Coffee Maker

We believe that there is no one coffee maker out there that satisfies the needs of all people. You’ve got to discover for yourself what coffee maker would bring out the taste that you are always looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a clean and bright cup of coffee, go for a Pour Over Coffee Maker. If you’re looking for a bold and rich cup of coffee, a French Press might work for you. If you’re looking for a lot of convenience in brewing without compromising the taste, an Aeropress might be the one you’re looking for. Go ahead and experiment with different devices and brewing methods to see which is your holy grail.

In a Nutshell

Invest in good coffee tools and accessories to brew that much-needed dose of coffee every day. And not just any ordinary coffee, but coffee that will brighten up your day and give you the fuel to get through the day. You don’t need to buy everything at once. You can invest on one or two at one point and go for the rest in another time. We coffee lovers take pride in the brewing tools we have which satisfy our daily coffee needs without fail!

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