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Aeropress Review: What We Love About It

aeropress set

For those who want to have a great amount of convenience in brewing while making the most out of the flavors of coffee beans, an Aeropress is the go-to coffee maker. What we love about this coffee making device is that it is designed for the modern lifestyle – easy, convenient, portable, and durable. For those who can’t get enough of this coffee maker, we feel you because we are loving it too.


The usual Aeropress comes in a box with an easy-to-read manual. We got ours with a set of paper filters which pretty covers daily paper filter use for several months. The set comes with a tube, plunger, funnel, stirrer, scooper, and a paper filter container. It’s like all the essentials you need to brew coffee is contained in one package.

The device set-up and brewing method is like a hybrid between a french press and a coffee dripper, since you’ll be using a plunger to push down the coffee as it drips down to your cup.


The manual instructions would tell you to pre-wet the filter, add a scoop or two of fine drip coffee grounds, and fill in the tube with hot water. Then you have to stir for 10 seconds before slowly pushing down the plunger for 20 seconds. This makes the entire brewing process to be less a minute, but others say that you have to at least keep the coffee grounds and water in contact for 60 – 90 seconds.

The mug wouldn’t be entirely filled with coffee after brewing. But the resulting coffee is like an espresso – you can take it as it is or dilute it according to taste. Whether you like it in its strongest profile or you want it to be sweeter and creamier with other additions, an Aeropress coffee doesn’t disappoint.

Take a look at these incredible videos on how to make the most out of brewing using an Aeropress. This one from Origin Coffee Roasters uses the traditional way of brewing, while Verve Coffee Roasters recommend the inverted method.




The resulting coffee taste is really at par with what other standard coffee makers create. The coffee is rich, bold, and full of flavor. Depending on the type of coffee beans, an Aeropress gives out the sweetness of it. We love our Aeropress coffee with a slice of butter or a dash of cinnamon, and everything is fine with the world.


Getting an Aeropress will allow you to have a great cup of coffee wherever you go. The parts are easy to stack up on top of each other and slip into your luggage. You can use the water heater in your hotel room or bring your own (mug warmer perhaps) to heat water to 79 to 85 degrees Celsius. A portable burr grinder can be easily packed in a bag and will allow you to grind fresh coffee beans without the use of electricity. And with your Aeropress set, you can brew coffee quickly and get your dose of coffee that tastes oh so perfect. An Aeropress really does allow you to brew a great cup of coffee everywhere without the fuss!


*This is not a sponsored post and the author has given her unbiased review about the product.


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