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A 5-Minute Crash Course on the Different Types of Coffee

five minute coffee crash course

Coffee is a many splendid thing. Various types of coffee can suit a myriad of moods, and it can also tell more about your personality. To get the most out of spending extra bucks for specialty coffee, you have to know which kind of coffee suits you. It might help if you try different coffee preparations every time you visit a coffee shop; but what if you visit a specialty coffee house for the first time?

Ordering coffee should not be a worry or a hassle. Drinking coffee can always be special, and coffee houses around the world work on this unique culture and lifestyle. The following is a condensed resource from Coffee 101: The Terms You Need To Know To Become A Coffee Connoisseur which will help you maneuver through an extensive coffee menu in no time.


The Basic Types of Coffee

Here’s what you need to know about the basic types of coffee. You might find one or two which suits your taste the most, and you will be most likely to order it often.

Espresso: Concentrated coffee drink with no milk at all.

Americano: An espresso shot diluted with just the right amount of hot water.

Macchiato: It’s coffee with a dab of foam.

Cappuccino: Coffee with one part milk and another part of foam. Dry cappuccino is mostly foam, and extra-dry cappuccino contains all foam.

Latte: Latte is different from cappuccino wherein it has more milk than foam. Flat latte contains a lot of milk with no foam

Mocha: It’s Latte with chocolate syrup.

Café Au Lait: This is brewed coffee with steamed milk added to it.

Con Panne: This is espresso with whipped cream added to it.

Frappuccino: Refers to the usual ice-blended beverages with different flavors.

Iced Coffee: It’s simply coffee with ice, as your usual coffee drink “on the rocks.”


Other Types of Coffee You Might Want to Try

Affogato: Espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cortado: A shot of espresso with an added dollop of hot milk.

Doppio: Two espresso shots in one cup.

Flat White: This is cappuccino without the foam. It’s basically a shot of espresso filled with steamed milk.

Irish Coffee: It’s coffee with fresh cream, brown sugar, and Irish whiskey.

Latte Macchiato: Latte consisting of milk and foam while espresso is poured in last.

Ristretto: Highly-concentrated espresso that has less water than your regular espresso.

Red Eye: A cup of drip coffee with a shot of espresso added to it.


Terms When Ordering Coffee

Cap: This is a shorter term for cappuccino

Decaf: Coffee which has 97% of the caffeine removed.

Double: You say “double” when you want twice as much of something. If you want two espresso shots, just say double shot. It can also be applied to ordering coffee with milk, sugar or syrup. You can say “double” before the thing that you want to have an extra of in your coffee.

Double Double: This drink is popular in Canada. It’s a large-size coffee with two sugar packets and two creamer packets added to it.

Dry: Dry Cappuccino or Dry Cap is a drink with frothed milk or a lot of foam. It has little or no creamy milk.

Extra: You say extra of something when you want more of it in your coffee. For example: extra sugar, extra milk, or extra chocolate syrup.

Haf Caf: It’s one-half regular coffee and one-half decaf. It’s also called “half and half” or “split shot.”

House: Refers to the house blend of coffee. You’ll get to drink different types of house coffee from various coffee shops. Try one for yourself and taste the best that a coffee house can offer.

Rice: Refers to rice milk. This type of milk is extremely rare, even rarer than soymilk. If the coffee shop offers it, do order it as a substitute for regular milk or an addition to your coffee.

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