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The 7 Coffee Hacks You Need In Your Life

coffee hacks

We know you love your coffee as much as we do, but do you know how to make it even better? We’ve tried several tips in making awesome coffee and found our top 7 hacks which will brighten anyone’s day. Caution: You’ll get more addicted to coffee once you try these coffee hacks for yourself.

Hack #1: Add Butter Instead of Milk

Have you heard of horror stories saying that the usual powdered creamer is actually flammable? Whether this is valid for all creamers or not, it’s still best if you find a healthier alternative. Wise caffeine people swear that butter trumps all creamers and milk as an addition to coffee.

Use grass-fed, unsalted butter for maximum benefits. Add butter while the coffee is still hot so that it can dissolve immediately. You might see some oiliness on top due to the butter, but this makes the coffee creamier. You’ll notice that you get a better ‘buzz’ or boost of energy once you use butter for your coffee. Another benefit of adding butter is that you’ll lose more weight.

Hack #2: Add Cinnamon Instead of Sugar

Cinnamon doesn’t just sweeten up your coffee, but it also adds a flavorful twist. It’s also a healthier alternative to sugar. It has zero calories and aids in weight loss.

Hack #3: Make Your Own Bulletproof Coffee

You might have heard of how popular bulletproof coffee is these days due to its amazing health benefits. It boosts mental stamina and aids in dramatic weight loss. People swear by the fact that they didn’t change anything much in their lifestyle but still lost an incredible amount of weight due to bulletproof coffee. Although the actual effects of BP coffee are still under a lot of debate, why not try it for yourself to see how it works for you?

If you opt not to buy the expensive stuff, you can make one at home. Just add a slice of unsalted butter and a spoon of coconut oil to brewed coffee. Mix everything with a blender. You’ll end with an intensely creamy coffee, which is much smoother than the usual latte. This will give you a boost of pure energy for many hours.

Hack #4: Coffee Ice Cubes

If you’ve got some left-over coffee that you don’t want to throw away, pour them over ice cube trays and let it sit in the freezer for a few hours. You’ll then have coffee ice cubes that you can use for drinks.

You can even make iced coffee with this. Just pour some milk over the coffee ice cubes. The coffee will dissolve in the milk, and you’ll have a refreshing drink anytime of the day.

Hack #5: Homemade Coffee Syrups

You might have always envied the delicious goodness that flavored syrups bring to your coffee when they’re added to your order in a coffee shop. You don’t have to go outside to get this fix as you can make your own coffee syrups at home. Just add 2 cups of sugar to 2 cups of water. Heat it up until the sugar dissolves. Then you can go creative with the flavoring such as adding caramel or vanilla extract, or mash berries and strain out the chunks before adding them to the sugar mixture.

Hack #6: A Better Way to Make Coffee Taste Less Bitter

No need to add more sugar or cream just to even out the taste of your coffee. You can just add a little salt to give your coffee a smoother taste. This tip is so practical that it can save you a lot of trouble when you just brewed coffee that tastes too bitter.

Hack #7: Buy Fresh Coffee Beans Every Week

Buying fresh beans every week will ensure that every brew doesn’t disappoint. If you don’t want to make several trips to your roaster every month, why not get a coffee subscription for yourself? Go for something fair trade and organic as well for the real deal. You can know more about this on our Coffeerama feature below.

Coffee With A Heart: Tidbits About Good Organic Coffee


Do you have other coffee hacks that you want to share with us? Comment us with your tips below and share the love!

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