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5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Coffee Lovers

ideas for coffee valentines

Coffee makes the world go round, and it also gives warmth in the relationships of people in love. This coming Valentine’s Day, we give you a few suggestions on how to impress your loved one with a little nudge from coffee.

  1. Send your loved one a coffee subscription

Want to be remembered by your special someone every week or month? Send them your love in the form of a coffee subscription. Fresh coffee beans delivered to his or her doorstep is the sweetest thing.

  1. Go coffee shop hopping to your favorite spots!

Make a list of your favorite coffee shops, or perhaps those which you’ve never been to but would like to try. Make a wish list of menu items that you want to try, or you can also make a spontaneous decision on what to eat on the spot. Talk about the things that you wish to say to each other for quite some time now. The ambiance in a coffee shop will always bring out the deepest conversations.

  1. Get couple shirts or accessories showing your love for coffee and each other.

If you want to have something which will remind you of each other (and don’t mind the cheesiness of it all), buy yourselves coffee-themed couple shirts, rings, mugs, or anything in between. Check this article out for gift ideas which you can give to that special someone who loves coffee so much.

  1. If you really want to go all the way, give him or her a complete coffee tools and accessories set.

If your SO is a hands down coffee lover, a coffee tools and accessories set is a gift that they can cherish for a long time. You’ll be giving him or her the goods to brew awesome coffee every single day. You’ll make your loved one remember you every morning with the aroma of brewed coffee.

  1. Breakfast and Coffee in Bed on Valentine’s Day Morning.

The aroma of coffee and delicious breakfast first thing on Valentine’s Day morning will be one of the sweetest memories you can make within this year. If everything gets to a good start today, you’ll have a blast for the rest of the day. Make this an unforgettable one which you both can treasure for a long time.


Seems simple and sweet, aren’t they? Do you have romantic Valentine’s Day ideas in mind? Comment your suggestions down below!


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