How to Choose Great Quality Coffee

Selecting the best coffee is tantamount to ensuring you get a good start every day, or you have the fuel you need to get through the day. There’s no particular brewing method or expensive gear that can compensate for the quality of the coffee beans. Buying the right coffee beans for your needs is the first step towards having great quality coffee at home. To give you a definite head start on searching for that “holy grail” in a cup, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose excellent quality coffee. (1)    Determine Your Taste Preference Knowing what you truly like would involve some trial and error. If you like a milder coffee taste, opt for dark roasts since they have less caffeine than light or medium roasts. Dark and shiny coffee beans have been roasted longer, giving that bold and bitter taste. If you want a stronger taste of coffee, choose light roasted coffee beans, since light roasts have the most caffeine. They also offer a smoother coffee taste with different levels of acidity. Medium-light roast has that ample amount of caffeine to give you a good kick all throughout the day. Medium-dark roasts, on the other hand, has … Continue reading How to Choose Great Quality Coffee